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A PIONEER From the start

In I959, Bernard Maitenaz, a young engineer at Société des Lunetiers, that would later become Essilor, had a groundbreaking idea that would change the lives of 40-plussers across the world, starting with his own father. The first Varilux® progressive lens was born.

Since then, Varilux® has continued revolutionizing optics, driven by a relentless commitment to quality and leadership in progressive lens technology.

Varilux since 1959


Because your vision is unique, we leverage our expertise to provide personalized, tailor-made lenses to match every single need.


We make a point of understanding your physiology and behaviors so that your lenses always match your needs. Varilux® lenses are tried and tested by people in their own living conditions, using a rigorous testing protocol to assess and improve the benefits. Only lenses with high performance ratings make it to your eyecare professionals.

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We work hand in hand with eyecare professionals around the world, whose knowlege and expertise is key to Varilux® excellence. To ensure your visual comfort, they are trained to take your precise individual measurements and to provide the best fitting.

Everyday, we design innovation, our partners bring it to life.

PRODUCTS Discover the Varilux® lens range

Varilux X series

Varilux®’s best progressive lens allowing you to seamlessly capture with high precision every detail within arm’s reach and beyond.

Varilux E series

Easy vision, fast adaptation and less distortions for enhanced visual comfort, perfect images and exceptional value for money.

Varilux Physio 3.0

High Resolution Vision in all light conditions, at all distances.

Varilux Comfort 3.0

Better visual comfort in your everyday activities.

Varilux Freedom 3.0

A clear and comfortable vision at all distances.

Varilux Digitime

Task-specific lenses perfectly adapted to the new digital realities.

Varilux Roadpilot

A lens perfectly adapted for driving with large fields of vision where it matters the most to drivers, allowing presbyopes to fully enjoy the road.

Varilux Azio 3.0

The latest Varilux Azio innovation to fully customize lens design for Asian eyes.