Varilux S series is #1 on every single lens’s features

Wearers around the world highlighted the excellence of Varilux S series. Ranked #1 on every lens feature by real wearers in independent studies, Varilux S series is undeniably in a class of its own when it comes to addressing issues like stability of vision in motion, width of fields of vision and personalization.

#1 when moving and when surroundings move

#1 in vision quality and width of fields

What wearers are saying about Varilux S series

  • John satisfied consumer

    "I don’t need to worry about going down the stairs anymore"

    John, 56 years old - Vancouver

  • Angie satisfied consumer

    "I can enjoy reading without adjusting my head"

    Angie, 54 years old - Toronto

  • Bruno satisfied consumer

    "Everything is clear at once, no need to adjust"

    Bruno, 46 years old - Montreal

They also have been tested and approved by the wearers:

Varilux Physio logoVarilux Physio logo

"Varilux Physio lenses give me clear vision, even in low-light conditions"

Sylvia, 49 years old - Halifax

Varilux Comfort logoVarilux Comfort logo

"With my Varilux Comfort lenses, I feel good anytime"

Heather, 64 years old - Ottawa

Varilux Freedom logoVarilux Freedom logo

"The most important for me: the best value for money. That's why I've chosen the Varilux Freedom for my daily activities"

Marc, 47 years old - Quebec

Varilux Digitime logoVarilux Digitime logo

"Since I wear my Varilux Digitime, it’s so much easier for me to read on my smartphone. My eyes feel more relaxed, as well as my neck and shoulders in front of the computer screen that I can now see entirely."

Participant from In-Life wearers’ test, 52 years old – France