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Bernard Maitenaz, a young French engineer, invents the first Varilux® progressive lens. This new lens is a revolution: it provides a more comfortable vision and is more aesthetically pleasing compared to bifocal lines. It is officially introduced for the first time at Hotel Lutetia in Paris.

1962 - 1966

Varilux® takes on the world, starting with the US market, followed by Brazil and Asia.


Varilux® 2 is launched in the European market and quickly imposed the progressive lens as the standard in correcting presbyopia.


The multi-design Varilux® lens is launched.


Varilux® Comfort is introduced, giving people a greater reading comfort. It has been acclaimed by opticians all around the world for the past 25 years.

2000 - 2003

The story of innovation continues: Varilux® Panamic and Varilux® Ipseo® are introduced in the early 2000s.


Varilux® Physio® is introduced. This new lens takes into account the pupil diameter for more personalization.


The premium Varilux® S™ series lens is launched, based on advanced nanotechnology, for reduced off-balance effect and wider fields of vision.


The Modern Hero campaign is launched with a new tagline: Empower your vision. The Modern Hero is the reflection of a younger generation of 40-somethings, with a dynamic way of life, who is empowered by Varilux® lenses.


The most sophisticated Varilux® lens, Varilux® X series™, is introduced, optimized for multitasking: people can instantly capture every detail within arm’s reach and beyond.

Today, Varilux® lenses provide sharp vision at all distances to millions of people around the world.

*Most sold progressive lens brand worldwide, according to Essilor’s market calculations.