Varilux® X series™ is a breakthrough revolution in progressive lenses — for you it means more freedom as you will no longer need to move your head to see sharp so you can keep on doing whatever you feel like doing.

Offer a new dimension to your vision

Your vision should never slow you down.
That’s why at Varilux® we keep on pushing the boundaries of innovation.
Varilux® X series™ is Varilux®’s best progressive lens allowing you to seamlessly capture with high precision every detail within arm’s reach, as well as beyond. You will enjoy outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far.

A new definition
of near vision

Today, everything has changed - we live in a 24/7 connected world, our pace of life has accelerated and multitasking is part of our daily life. Our society has evolved; so too have our visual habits. Our posture and the way we look at things close has changed. We're now switching from our smartphone to a conversation with a friend to our notebook or grabbing our coffee while texting our kids.

In short, we finally realize that what matters most in our lives happens within arm's reach. Acknowledging today’s vision behaviours, Varilux® team of experts has reinvented near vision, without compromise.

Inspired by you,
powered by more
than 55 years
of innovation

Varilux® research and development team puts you first, using a unique process named LiveOptics®. It combines the latest optical research with observation and testing by eyeglass wearers in their daily lives.

To ensure your entire satisfaction, Varilux® X series™ lens was conceived with 2742 eyeglass wearers across the world. Varilux® new lens generation gets outstanding results through this process.

95% satisfaction during multitasking at arm's length

9 out of 10 wearers no longer feel the need to move their head to see sharp at near and beyond

Best progressive lens ever!
Seeing things at near becomes easier:
I’m now able to easily switch from my laptop to my notebook.
In short, I’m able to do things I wasn’t able to do before!

I'm a fan! Noticeably sharper
vision and everything around
me seemed brighter, from
the very first moment.

I was surprised because they
immediately provide a comfortably
wide field of vision. You could almost
say that I have a more panoramic
vision in every direction