Varilux series, limitless vision without compromise

Limitless Vision

Easy adaptation

Sharp vision and high contrast

Visual comfort in all activities

Limitless vision

Wide fields of vision

Seeing well becomes so simple, so natural that you do not need to think about it

Flawless vision should be simple. Yet, you still encounter some limits with your premium progressive lenses. With Varilux series progressive lenses family, based on 3 technologies and 13 patents, experience Limitless Vision. Based on the latest advances in optics, Varilux series is the most sophisticated visual solution among the Varilux Range.

Varilux series is:

  • Limitless vision : feel better, see wider, see faster
  • High resolution vision: sharper vision in all light conditions
  • Better visual comfort: adapted to all your daily activities
  • Natural vision: clear vision at all distances
  • Easy adaptation
  • Varilux quality
  1. Feel better
  2. See wider
  3. See faster

Personalize your Varilux series

Thanks to the measurement of your visual behaviour and:

  • Your prescription
  • Your eye physiology
  • Your frame

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100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Varilux adaptation guarantee

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Certificate of authenticity

  • You can be sure you are receiving the Varilux quality standard

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Varilux progressive lenses have been tested and approved by wearers. Discover their testimonies.