Varilux Freedom, for a clear and
comfortable vision at all distances

Varilux S Series logoStep into the world of natural vision

Easy adaptation

Visual comfort
in all activities

Wide fields of vision

Varilux quality accessible to all

In order to meet the needs of each presbyope, Essilor innovates at all levels of the Varilux range. Varilux Freedom is the stepping stone into the Varilux family which allows for digital expertise to be accessible to all.

With Varilux Freedom, you benefit from clear, comfortable vision at all distances.

Varilux Freedom 3.0 is:

  • All-in-one visual solution for first time presbyopes or experienced bifocal or trifocal wearers
  • Sharp vision at all distances with smooth transitions in-between
  • Varilux expertise at an affordable price

100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Varilux adaptation guarantee

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Varilux progressive lenses have been tested and approved by wearers.