88% of presbyopes still not equipped with progressive lenses* believe it can take quite a long time to get used to progressive lenses and Varilux® researchers have confirmed that the swim effect is the main reason for slow adaptation.

Easy vision for an easy life

Now, with Varilux E series lenses, there is no reason you should not enjoy easy vision, fast adaptation and less distortions for enhanced visual comfort, perfect images and exceptional value for money.

Reduced swim effect
in the periphery

Stability of vision
in motion


Available with harmful
blue-violet light protection

Varilux® series
Digital Surfacing

Varilux series Digital Surfacing is designed to reach an unmatched level of precision and is protected by no less than 5 patents.

Beyond a unique manufacturing process, it includes exclusive equipment installed throughout our laboratory network to provide premium local service.

It is thanks to the unique engineering in Digital Surfacing that Varilux series lenses can control the swim effect like no other lenses on the market.

A Revolution in Lens Technology

swim control

As it is in peripheral vision that the wearer is the most impacted by the swim effect, the fundamental progressive lens structure is re-engineered on the periphery during lens calculation to virtually eliminate swim effect.

Less swim effect VS standard lenses**

*Ipsos quantitative study - UK - 2012 - Presbyopes still not equipped with progressive lenses.