Varilux Digitime, task-specific lenses perfectly adapted to the new digital realities.

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Your new multi-screen life changes your visual and postural behavior, creating new discomforts. Screen reading and precision tasks induce a lot of stress on your eyes which can cause:

  • Tired eyes
  • Need to make extra efforts to read small pixilated characters
  • Neck and shoulder pain

Studies of postural behavior in front of screens show that new and very variable distances of screen usage are now crucial elements at the origin of the new visual discomforts. In order to meet the needs of each presbyope when using digital devices and carrying out specific tasks, Essilor innovates and introduces Varilux Digitime featuring two exclusive innovations: the new ultra near vision zone and screen distance personalization for:

  • Relaxed eyes while reading small characters on your smartphone
  • Natural posture in front of your computer
  • Large and comfortable fields of vision which provides natural full coverage of the screen

For complete protection of your eyes and your lenses, Varilux Digitime is recommended with Crizal Prevencia coating that selectively filters harmful blue-violet light and UV rays emitted by LED lighting from digital screens.

Even if Varilux Digitime lenses are ergonomically designed for digital device usage, they are also well suited for other near and intermediate activities such as sewing, reading, cooking, and precision tasks. They cannot be used for activities requiring clear far vision such as driving.

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