Varilux Comfort, for better visual comfort in your everyday activities

Visual comfort for your active lifestyle

Easy adaptation

Visual comfort in all activities

Wide fields of vision

Sharp vision and high contrast

Enjoy a natural posture adapted to today’s environment

Over the last 15 years, the ways of life have changed. Today’s pace of life is much faster. You are busier than ever and new technologies such as computers, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras have become essential. These changes have had a significant impact on visual requirements. Screens are everywhere, everyday objects are getting smaller and the environment places numerous demands on our eyes. Varilux Comfort progressive lenses are adapted to today’s environment. They take dynamic vision and rapid changes of activity into account while allowing you to hold your head in a natural position.

Varilux Comfort 3.0 is:

  • Increased adaptation comfort
  • High Resolution VisionTM at all time
  • Enhanced contrasts
  • A progressive lens design trusted by eyecare professionals and wearers worldwide

New technologies place new demands on your eyes

Personalize your Varilux Comfort

Thanks to the measurement of your visual behaviour and:

  • Your prescription
  • Your eye physiology
  • Your frame

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100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Varilux adaptation guarantee

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Varilux progressive lenses have been tested and approved by wearers. Discover their testimonies.