Discover the Varilux range of progressive lenses

Thanks to Varilux progressive lenses you experience vision so natural, it is as if the lens and eye are working as one!

Easy adaptation

Visual comfort in all activities

Wide fields of vision

Sharp vision and high contrast

Limitless vision

For high resolution vision in all light conditions and at all distances

Embrace life’s details as never before
Confort visuel

For better visual comfort in your everyday activities

Enjoy a natural posture adapted to today’s environment
Adaptation instantanée Confort visuel

For a clear and comfortable vision at all distances

Varilux quality accessible to all
Adaptation instantanée Confort visuel

Discover the Varilux range of task-specific lenses

For maximum comfort and wide fields of vision during any of your activities requiring near and intermediate vision, opt for a second pair of task-specific lenses that will complement your first pair of progressive lenses.

Easy adaptation

Optimum reading
on computer

Optimum reading
on tablet

Optimum reading
on smartphone

Screen distance

Exclusive Ultra Near
Vision Zone

Personalized, task-specific lenses for relaxed eyes
and natural posture in front of screens.

New digital realities, new possibilities
Icône lecture optimale distance Icône lecture optimale vision

Varilux lenses are covered by the Varilux guarantee.
Varilux lenses are delivered with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure you are receiving lenses in compliance with the Varilux quality standard.

Varilux progressive lenses have been tested and approved by wearers. Discover their testimonies.