Spotlight on the trends

2018 fashion trends applied to eyewear. The most popular styles and how they can complement your fashion look, whatever that may be!

Sequins, denim, epaulettes, tracksuits, transparency: these are a just a few of the trends that you will probably see when browsing the fashion blogs and magazines this year. Because yes, 2018 promises to be big and bold in colour and style. Of course, these trends also make their way into the eyewear industry, but they are applied with, let’s say, somewhat more restraint. Let’s see how you can use this year’s trends to choose eyewear that will enhance your fashion style!

Classic, but with a little something extra

Everyone agrees: black is timeless and ageless. This year, you’ll find black with glitter, in satin or in lacquered plastic, to add a little kick to your look. In eyewear, classic black frames will be all the rage. Butterfly, rectangular, round, small or oversize – there are so many variations that you are sure to find the perfect shape for your face. Looking for something a tad more discreet? No problem. Thin metal frames are just the ticket!

Providor : Munic
Model : 891-1, Colour : 421

Dare to mix it up

Added texture for extra style? Why not! This year, dare to mix prints and textures. In eyewear, different materials will also be used together. You will find frames that seamlessly combine plastic and metal. If the metal is gold-coloured, or even pink, you’ve hit the bull’s eye! To up the extravagance factor, you’ll find highly decorated frames for an even cooler look.

Providor : Plein Les Mirettes
Model: Hybrid 1, Colour : 205

See through?

In raincoats, jackets, trousers, shoes and eyewear, sheer is hot in 2018. Whether you’re wearing see-through plastic or translucent fabric, show off your stuff (but not too much!) through your clothes. Frames are no exception to this trend. They can sport a light tint or be totally transparent, as long as you can see through them!

Let's be honest, even if fashion trends dictate what you find in stores and on displays, feel free to follow them, or not. What matters is to stay true to yourself. That’s the most beautiful trend of all! And if you want guidance or advice about the most flattering styles for the shape of your face, remember that eyecare professionals are also trained for that!

Providor : Glossi
Model : Joseph, Colour : M8P

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